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The Incredibly Versatile Egg For Beauty Enhancement

Eggs are rich in B6, B12, Vitamin D and Vitamin B2. Besides this, they are rich in minerals like copper, iron and zinc. Protein enriched eggs are good to apply on the face for skin tightening and warding off unsightly wrinkles. Skin becomes healthier if egg whites are used as a mask on the face. To encourage your oily skin to get healthier, simply apply the whipped egg white on the face, leave for it on for half an hour and then wash off with warm water.

Eggs also make excellent strengthening and conditioning masks for hair. If you have dry hair, simply take an egg in a bowl, add some olive and beat till it becomes frothy. To make it smell good, add some drops of scented oil. Apply with cotton onto the hair and leave for 25 minutes. Rinse off well with warm water.

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Excellent homemade facials can be made using the whole egg to attain a rejuvenated and fresh face. Honey or lemon can be added to the mix if you have an oily skin.  Eggs are great to use for firming up skin and tightening of skin pores. Beaten egg yolk can be applied with cotton on eyebrows. Leave it on for 20 minutes and improve hair follicle growth to get lush and thicker eyebrows.


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