In the commercial world these days, there can be nothing like ayurveda and ayurvedic products. Divya Patanjali Herbal Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo is an inexpensive ayurvedic shampoo I am using these days. It has creamy and soft texture and lathers really well. Greasiness in my hair gets eliminated with one single wash itself with this shampoo. Patanjali shampoo for hair fall control rinses off very easily. This is an inexpensive shampoo with mild and nice fragrance that I have identified after a long search. My hair has become healthier now and the scalp remains clean for a long time.

Usual hair issues I faced like split ends, hair loss, roughness and dryness etc have been curtailed on using this shampoo. By using this shampoo the damage phase of my hair has ended.  No need to indulge in purchasing high end salon brands when there is a great hair shampoo like this one available. It is a guarantee that it will never fail you. Its texture is pretty runny, aroma is pleasing and its flowery type fresh fragrance will stay in your hair for at least 2 days for sure.

One good thing about using this shampoo is that it does not make my hair flat or limp at all. Humid, hot weather and scorching heat had damaged my hair. I was desperately on the lookout for a mild hair shampoo that wouldn’t damage my hair any further.  A new variant of Kesh Kanti, this Divya Patanjali Herbal Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Shampoo is a fabulous shampoo to use regularly. For individuals like me, looking for pocket friendly products, this mild shampoo has proved to be a life saver indeed. I have fallen in love with this Patanjali shampoo for hair fall control right from the very first hair wash.