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10 Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad For You

Reasons Why Sugar Is Bad

Everyone must have heard that eating a lot of sugar is bad. Sugar contains no essential nutrients but only a whole bunch of empty calories. It contains only pure energy and not minerals, vitamins, essential fats or proteins. Excess sugar contributes to deficiency in nutrition, provides digestible energy easily for bad bacterial growth in the mouth and is bad for teeth. Fructose content is high in sugar and can overload the liver. Once the liver gets overloaded with fructose it could cause non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Sugar can cause resistance to insulin which can further lead to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Resistance to insulin can lead to Type II Diabetes. Effects of sugar can be harmful on metabolism and increase the risk of getting cancer. Excess sugar can affect the brain and hormones and its effects on the body to promote fat. Fructose does not lower ghrelin, the hunger hormone’s level in the body. Also, it doesn’t cause satiety in the brain and thus promotes fat in the body. Sugar is highly addictive as it releases dopamine in the brain in massive amounts. In both adults and children, one leading contributor of obesity is sugar. Excess sugar can raise cholesterol levels and result in heart disease.

What Are The Effects Of Sugar On The Body?

Fructose or sugar contains no nutrients and can cause many health issues from head to toe. Sugar intake from all sources must be reduced by people of all ages. Hard-to-detect hidden added sugars can affect the body negatively and in strange ways. Organs in the body get fatter with excessive sugar intake. It primes up the body for Diabetes and is the number one cause for stroke and heart disease. In the bloodstream, it causes excess insulin, taking a toll on the arteries, the circulatory highway system of the body. Sugar promotes chaos in cholesterol levels. It makes the liver churn out more bad cholesterol and inhibits the ability of the body to get rid of it. Sugar is a major cause leading to Type 3 diabetes. Sugar causes addiction, just like street drugs do and makes the person feel famished.

Is Too Much Sugar Bad For You?

Sugar contains calories, hence it is bad. If a person has a health condition related to diabetes, or diabetes then consuming sugar can increase levels of blood sugar and triglycerides increasing risk of coronary heart disease. Nutritious foods in the diet get displaced with sugar intake. Sugar taken in any form can promote decaying of teeth as well. Sugar also contributes to weight gain and obesity which in turn is associated with cancer of certain types, diabetes and heart disease. Sugar has no nutritive content. Poor energy levels are also associated with excess sugar intake.

What Are The Diseases Caused By Sugar?

Sugar is the cause of different kinds of diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. As per the WHO – World Health Organization, around 6 teaspoons or 25 grams of sugar intake daily is recommended. However, if a person consumes sugar in excessive amounts it can lead to serious diseases. Sugar consumption in large amounts is linked with death. In fact studies conducted recently indicate that sugar is responsible for around 50 percent costs related to healthcare.

Sugar is linked with cancer as well. Lots of scientific evidence is available to prove that sugar is a source of fuel for different types of cancers existing today. It can initiate characteristics of cancer in healthy growing cells. A diet high in sugar promotes obesity and increased weight in people. Sugar is responsible for cardiovascular disease. When sugar is consumed in big amounts, insulin is released in the body to flush out glucose into body cells and bloodstream. Lining of blood vessels get damaged and get inflamed leading to cardiovascular diseases. Sugar is a leading cause for diabetes and also Alzheimer’s, a form of diabetes as indicated by scientific studies. Excess sugar consumption could cause irreparable damage to the liver as well.