Asthma attack symptoms

Asthma attack symptoms

Asthma is a long-term disease. It cannot be cured, but yes, good asthma control is certainly possible. Controlling the disease is the main goal in asthma treatment.

Shortness of breath and coughing are the troublesome and chronic symptoms of asthma, for which preventive cure is needed. If controlled properly it can help in functioning of lungs. Emergency medications medical care will not be needed, rate of asthma attacks can be reduced, better sleep during night time can be ensured and normal activities maintained.

Chronic asthma can result in hospital stay or emergency room visits. Asthma can be best managed with a trustworthy doctor’s consultation.

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Things that trigger asthma must be avoided however, physical activity must continue. An action plan provided by the doctor will help track asthma control levels. It is important to know if the individual is responding well to the medications.

Quick relief and long control medicines are the two medicine types used in treating the disease.  Asthma symptoms that could flare up are relieved in rescue or quick relief medication. In case of medicines for long term control, asthma symptoms are reduced and inflammation in the airway passage is reduced.

For long term asthma control, the most preferred medicine are inhaled corticosteroids which are safe if taken as prescribed by the doctor. Omalizumab, Cromolyn, Theophylline and Leukotriene modifiers are some of the other medications that can be taken as per doctor’s advice for long term asthma control.

Depending upon how severe the asthma is, initial treatment is given.  Constant follow up is also necessary after treatment begins for controlling symptoms and asthma attack prevention in future. With changes in work, school and home environment, the level of asthma control improves over time. Depending on how well the disease is controlled, medication may be increased or decreased.