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Can You Cure A Drug Addict?


It is possible to cure a drug addict but it isn’t easy. Drug addiction is complex and chronic condition and hence the addict finds it extremely difficult to discontinue drug use for a few days and get cured. Repeated and long term care is very necessary to prevent drug intake and then recover in life. Since mid- 70s, scientific research has been conducted to plan out effective programs to cure drug addicts. Behavior and brain functioning gets affected and there isn’t any single treatment available to treat drug addiction. It should be easy to access the effective treatment, proper treatment plans and medication that address all the needs of the patient, taking into account continued treatment, behavioral therapies, counseling, medically assisted detoxification and close monitoring of drug use during treatment. The patient must be tested for tuberculosis, HIV/ AIDs Hepatitis B and C and other infectious diseases with the help of treatment programs.

  • How Much Does It Cost To Go To Rehab?

The doctor decides about the number of days for the treatment program at the rehabilitation centre. Depending upon the need, a 30 day, 60 day or 90 day treatment program is advised. Well known rehabilitation centers often charge up to 20,000 dollars for a month’s program and up to 60,000 dollars for a three month program. As compared to an inpatient rehab, the outpatient programs for moderate and mild addictions are more affordable. Variations in addiction treatment costs are seen between one center to the other. Some centers do offer free programs while other centers prove to be quite expensive. However the good thing is that it is easy to find a good rehabilitation centre, no matter what the budget is. Also a number of these centers do have financing options, accept insurance and offer financial aid.

  • How Can You Help Someone Who Is Addicted To Drugs?

It isn’t at all easy to help out someone who is addicted to drugs. It is seen that often a blind eye is turned to such a situation by family and close friends and they hope that the person addicted to drugs sees sense eventually. However the addiction doesn’t go away. The drug addict is unable to make a conscious decision about the drug habits. A huge difference is made to the drug addict with proper involvement of friends, family and employers. It is important to adopt a caring and flexible approach instead of a harsh one. Expect the addict to be hostile and defensive but keep your cool and make a persuasive and non-confrontational approach. Avoid accusations, angry confrontations, blaming instead, help the addict deal with the addiction. Offer help, express concern, present actual facts of drug misuse and behavior to convince the addict. Make the person understand the seriousness of the addiction, use bargaining power or more leverage wherever possible, offer professional help, information and engage others in an effort to help the addict set healthy boundaries.

  • How Do You Treat Addiction?

There are several steps to treat drug addiction. The first step is detoxification which is a process in which the body has to get rid of drugs. The next step is offering behavioral counseling. Medication is also administered to the addict depending upon the type of addiction. The next process involves evaluation and treatment to identify mental health

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issues like anxiety and depression. A relapse has to be prevented at any cost for which follow up over a long term is very necessary. It is in a variety of settings that treatment is given and can last for different lengths of time like short term process, regular monitoring, multiple interventions etc. Addiction is treated with a range of approaches that are evidence based. Both group and individual therapies are employed in many programs for addiction treatment.