April 20, 2024
how to change life

How To Change Your Life To Change The World? yes, it possible to change your life to change the world. The scientific method of dream interpretation proves to the world that God is the dream producer and all mental illnesses are generated by Satan (our primitive anti-conscience), which occupies the biggest part of our brain.

Therefore, science helped us discover that all religions are true, and that all dreams contain precious messages that cure mental health problems that have no cure because God is a superior doctor.

God sends you the psychotherapy you need in order to become a wise and sensitive human being and He can help you recover your conscience even after its destruction. All dream images give you important information about your mental health and your behaviour. You also learn how the future will be unfolded and many other things that are ignored by the hypocritical world.

The fact that your satanic anti-conscience is a terrible monster that is constantly trying to destroy your fragile conscience is a tragedy, but you can eliminate this tragedy thanks to your obedience to God’s guidance in your dreams.

God helps you stop being controlled by your wild nature, and become a saint. You follow a deep process of transformation based on acquiring consciousness and changing your behaviour.

You also understand that you have the obligation to transform the world into a better place for everyone.

This is a challenge that the human race must stop avoiding.

Now, what can we do in order to change the dramatic situation of the world and cure all mental disorders once and for all?

What can we do in order to help everyone find the ideal person and have a happy family?

How can we stop making mistakes, and stop suffering because of their tragic consequences?

How can we solve our existential and social problems, and find peace?

We can obey God’s guidance in our dreams and learn how to have the right mindset and the right behaviour. We can work hard and do everything we can to save our human side and preserve our conscience.

We can achieve every goal because now we can understand God’s words in dreams.

Now that the dream language was clarified and simplified, and now that the existence of the satanic anti-conscience was discovered we can finally have a direct communication with God.

Now we know our position, and now we can understand God’s wisdom.

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me is the solution humanity needed in order to stop having mental health problems and prevent mental disorders because God is the dream producer.

God can cure all mental disorders. God can correct all our mistakes and help us definitively stop making mistakes.

Everything depends on our voluntary obedience to His wise guidance.

We must admit that God knows how to solve all problems that have no solution and trust His wisdom, after recognizing the depth of our absurdity and evilness.