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Heidi Klum And Her Incredible Fitness Workouts


Heidi Klum is a well known supermodel! Aged 41 years, she is known well for her glamorous appearances on the red carpet and Halloween parties that are truly outrageous. One thing you will note about this celebrity is her incredible fitness! You may wonder how.  Andrea Orbeck trains a lot of celebrities in fitness and Heidi Klum is one of them. On FitFusion, a series on fitness, she focuses on pregnancy. In the past Orbeck has worked with Klum and now shares fitness exercises with this well known super model. All the exercises are indeed the doable type!  Orbeck says that working out with the supermodel in the gym has been fun as if in a comedy television. Just as she appears to be, Heidi is engaging, charming and funny!  Orbeck has been a Canadian women’s bobsled team former member and focuses on a range of exercise routines right from dissolving fat, toning up muscles and cardio burning!  She believes that to maintain an overall healthy body, exercising daily is important besides which consuming the right food is also important.  Orbeck prefers nutritional foods instead of diet foods. You need to take proper rest, remain hydrated, exercise in a correct manner and compliment it with good eating habits. In the process, while you have strong muscles underneath, you will continue to remain doughy and soft on the outside. Foods to consume need to be clean foods, mainly fresh green vegetables, filled with tons of protein, low in saturated fat, contain no preservatives or hormones.

An interesting exercise routine has been designed by Orbeck for Klum with main focus on legs, abs and arm strength. Just a five pound dumbbell is enough to do the workouts. However, whichever weight preferred can be used. The Heidi Klum workout is a crash course containing a number of workout including overhead squats with jumping jacks, reverse lunge with kicks, tricep push-ups with mountain climbers, side-lying clams and side planks, side lunge with a reach and twist, reverse lunge with a backwards reach, high kick, forward lunge with a twist, bird dog exercise which is done on all fours, plank step with rotation, divebombers, rock groin stretch, reaching chair pose squat, T-raise pushup and Inch Worm. So if you have been looking for a simple and easy workout routine then this is one of the best celebrity workout by Orbeck you could try out towards a healthy and fit you!

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