May 23, 2024
How to Lose Weight Fast

Man over the years has created so many gadgets to make his work easy and this has resulted in less physical activity. If this is on one side on the other is the array of junk food available in the market.  Now no work and eating all this food is a deadly combination. Now we are a generation of people prone to become obese soon and along with it come all those silent killers hypertension, diabetes and more. It is absolutely essential that precautionary steps are taken before it is too late. Vigil over health should start quite early in life so that we do not have to adopt stringent measures in a do or die situation.

Keep It Simple

Keeping weight under control is absolutely essential and there are some simple and effective ways to do it. There are elaborate methods for losing but let us keep it simple. Very strict diet will leave us hungry and sometimes we might go into a binge of eating. A time tested 3 step plan has been catching on for it is easy to follow approach. It kills your appetite without making you hungry all the time. So you lose weight yet remain healthy. It has to be understood that becoming thin is have a healthy body first and then a great physical structure.

Step 1 is to take off sugar and starch from the diet. Sugar and starch increases the secretion of insulin which is a store house of fat. If insulin goes down then fat comes out easily and gets burned faster. It is not fat alone that it burns. It drains off excess water in the body, thereby reducing the bloat. So also the excess sodium comes out. One can see a drastic change in body weight by following this one. But leaving the body totally drained off is not healthy. It has to be replenished with better and safer food. And that takes us Step 2.

Replenish Sensibly

Step 2 is to add a lot of proteins in the diet. Proteins are the best nutrients to consume. It enhances metabolism making digestion very easy. It is also filling therefore reduces the thought for snacking or eating at odd times. This naturally reduces your calories intake. Low carb vegetables like broccoli, celery, cucumber, cabbage can be used in plenty. Having a low carb and low fat diet is not recommended. Therefore use a little bit of fat in your diet. Recent research shows that coconut oil is the best for cooking.

Step 3 is to get into some activity where you exercise. This should not be overdone. A gym instructor can advise you as to how much and what exercises need to be done. This diet mentioned in step 1 and 2 is a sure shot for reducing weight. These exercises will help in toning up well. There are some standard instructions that go along with any weight loss program. Drink plenty of water and get enough of sleep. Be happy and the most important instruction is stick on to the diet and exercise recommended for you.