Patanjali Amla Hair oil

Best Herbal Hair Oil by Patanjali


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Patanjali Amla Hair oil is completely herbal oil. It is helpful in providing deep conditioning to hair. It is a great oil to use for damaged and dry hair. It is an excellent treatment to get rid of dandruff. The amazing ayurvedic oil is completely effective, natural, pure and devoid of any kind of toxins that could harm your hair or body. I have been using this Patanjali hair oil since quite some time now and it has proved to be beneficial in the long run. Three oils namely sesame, sunflower and olive are used in combination with amla itself to create this wonder oil.

Green in color, this oil is available in a transparent and easy to use plastic bottle.  I have always desired to have shiny, long, black, thick and voluminous hair. Due to excessive exposure to pollution, dust and sunlight, my hair had become a bit thin and brittle. I used amla miracle oil for 5-6 months and have seen improvement in quality of my hair. It helps in split ends prevention, further damage to hair and makes the hair glossier than ever.

An effective idea to use amla oil is to heat it, massage it gently into the scalp, leave it for approximately 60 minutes and rinse off with a good herbal shampoo. I have also used Patanjali hair oil for massaging my whole body. I assure you that you will feel completely relaxed with a massage of hot amla oil. All ingredients used in creating this oil are hundred percent natural and pure. Patanjali amla hair oil is not only an excellent hair and body moisturizer but is also available at a very affordable price in the market. It is excellent hair oil for nourishing my hair thoroughly and that too without any side effects.


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