Patanjali Balm


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Patanjali Balm is an aromatic balm very useful in headaches and cold. Whenever I have a runny nose and bad cold, I simply rub it gently on my back and chest. Cough related and cold related problems vanish within no time. Whenever I feel tired and have severe headache, all I need to do is take a bit of balm and rub it gently on my forehead, to get instant relief. Key ingredients of the product including eucalyptus oil, pudina oil, Gandhpura oil are very effective for rhinitis, minor aches and pains, inflammation and irritation in the internal parts of the nose.

It is also an excellent anti-pyretic to help reduce fever as well. Many people (And I’m one of them) cannot tolerate exposure to sun’s light and heat as it triggers migraine attack. In migraine, pain is one sided mostly and there is great sensitivity to light too. Often, I suffer from nausea too. In these cases, as soon as I realize migraine is imminent, I gently rub the balm on my forehead. The heat is produces is soothing. I lie down for a while in a quiet place. Within minutes, I can feel the tension on the forehead draining away.

Patanjali Balm helps in reducing pain and stuffiness associated with sinusitis as well. Steam inhalation with a little balm added to the hot water clears the nose as the fragrant steam rises into the nose. Smelling the balm often also helps if it not possible to do steam inhalation. While at work, the balm can be kept at close reach. It is better to use this balm rather than having pain killers which in the long run can cause dry nose syndrome which aggravates sinusitis. This product can be used on the chest of young children too. I depend on this balm whenever I have cold and headaches.


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