This Keto Mac and Cheese At Home To Fix Those Cheese Cravings


Here is a keto mac and cheese recipe to fix your hunger pangs and satiate the cheese lover in you.

If there's one thing a cheese lover of any age group wouldn't be able to resist is the classic mac and cheese. And that's not just because it is super delicious but also because it is easy and quick to prepare at home. A comfort food at its best, a bowl of piping hot mac and cheese has the power to uplift the mood in no time. It is truly a quick food that comes handy when you are pressed for time and crave something oozing with cheesy.

Mac and cheese requires just about 3-4 ingredients with nothing more than twenty minutes and voila! Here we give you a delicious mac and cheese recipe but with a twist, this one here is a keto mac and cheese shared by Youtuber Sahil Makhija on his handle 'Headbanger's Kitchen'.

In his recipe of keto mac and cheese, Sahil uses chopped ham, onion and cauliflower mixed together and tossed in a luscious cheese and cream sauce. He tops the mix with crushed pine nuts for the added crunch along with more of cheese before baking it to perfection. While he has used ham and chicken stock cube in his recipe, if you are a vegetarian you can use mushrooms, zucchini or anything of your choice instead of the ham and vegetable stock cube instead of the chicken one.