May 23, 2024

It is not very easy to lose weight in a week. It needs steely determination not to move a wee bit from the plan. Here we are going to discuss a few ways by which we can bring down the weight when certain tips are followed. However the efficacy of the program will depend on your food and other personal habits. Many ideas will be suggested here and you have to choose any four which will suit you best and hold on to it strongly for a week. If you are truly strong-hearted you can add one or two more to the list.

Many Tips

Most of us have a tendency to drink soft drinks when we are thirsty. This gives us calories which are absolutely of no use. So stop those drinks and drink plenty of water. Water has zero calories, flushes out excess water and increases the metabolism. Stop white grain products to gain that slim look fast. Instead of pasta, rice spaghetti and the like eat whole grain. These simple carbohydrates will be digested fast and will leave you hungry soon and you will be eating again soon. So have whole grains. Vegetables are better alternates. Cardio exercises 30 minutes in a day will be effective.

There is an exception to the water rule and that is coffee. Over the years all have realized that coffee is an energy booster. So having a cup of coffee with or without milk will help you to do the workouts for a longer time without you knowing it. Sex is a sure way of burning calories and if you have it every night you will take off some fat. If you do it with you-on-top, it will be more effective. Push-ups and lunges every alternate day will help to give the toned muscles and at the same time will reduce calories. The experts advice 36 lunges and push-ups each time you do it.

Choose According To Your Lifestyle

7 to 8 hours is the recommended duration for sleep. This might not be possible for everyone. So take on an extra half an hour of sleep anytime will keep you alert. You will not search for sugar foods for energy; you will not feel lethargic and skip the gym or the walks. Sacrifice your calorie rich food. If you are accustomed to eating chips with your meals or need a dessert after dinner, it is best to sacrifice. This will reduce the calorie intake and your stomach will not really miss it though tongue will. Eating Salmon for lunch is an effective tip to lose weight in seven days.

Walking upright, sitting upright, doing squats and sit-ups will definitely make you look and feel good. All the tips given above cannot be rather should not be followed. Pick up any four or fine as per your lifestyle and follow it strictly. If you are the one who has time for exercises take on the cardio, lunges, coffee tips and work on it. These are general ideas from which you can choose and get a good result.