April 20, 2024

Cataract is an eye disease. Protein may build up in the lens of the eye and make it cloudy. Light is not able to pass clearly through the lens, due to which some eyesight may be lost. Cataracts are of different types, including age related cataract, congenital cataract, secondary cataract and traumatic cataract.

Cataracts make the vision cloudy or blurry and generally occur in people above 60 years of age. In older adults, this eye disease is more common and can be treated by a good eye doctor.

Chances of getting cataract increase with drinking heavily, pollution in the air and smoking cigarettes.

Cataracts form quite slowly and the person may not even know about it till the cataracts begin blocking light. Symptoms of cataract include filmy, foggy, blurry and cloudy vision, trouble with contact lenses or eye glasses, nearsightedness in older adults, double vision in the eye that is affected, changes in seeing colors, issues with glare during day time and problems while driving during night time.

Diagnosis is done by the eye doctor by dilating the pupil and checking other parts of the eye. While going for the appointment, it is always a good idea to take the contacts or glasses, as well.

How do they remove a cataract?

As part of treatment, the eye doctor generally gives a prescription for contacts or glasses to correct the vision. Cataract surgery may be needed if cataracts are causing problem in day to day living. In the surgery, the natural lens is removed and replaced with a man made one. Once the surgery is successfully done, the patient can return home the same day. After a few days the patient is able to have better vision.

How can you prevent cataracts from getting worse?

To prevent cataract, there is no proven way state doctors. However eyes need to be checked regularly, as cataracts are a common eye problem in older adults. If a history of eye problems exists in the family then having an eye check up done regularly is very important. At least every 2 years, up to the age of 50, an eye check up must be done by adults. After the age of 50, an eye check is advised, every year.