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Why Excess Sleep Is Bad For Health

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What Causes A Person To Sleep Too Much?

Oversleeping or hypersomnia is a disorder medically. The person suffers from extreme sleepiness all through the day and unusually very long periods during night time. It is difficult

to figure out the cause of sleepiness sometimes. However if a person has difficulty waking up in the morning, naps taken don’t seem sufficient enough and feels

Excess Sleep Is Bad For Health

very sleepy even during waking hours then, it is an indication of suffering from sleepiness. The person may also experience a feeling of anxiety or irritability, trouble with memory or thinking and even appetite loss. Regular activities get affected in people suffering with hypersomnia. Not getting adequate sleep, working till late at night, indulging in smoking, alcohol, drugs, taking medications of certain kinds, obesity and lack of physical activity are some of the causes of sleepiness.

Why Do I Have To Sleep So Much?

Oversleeping is a medical disorder actually. Even with napping, the sleepiness problem does not get resolved. The person feels sleepy all through the day and unusual periods during night time. Good sleep is essential for good health maintenance. However oversleeping can lead to different medical issues like heart disease, diabetes and increased death risk.

Sleeping time depends upon a number of factors like lifestyle habits, general health, levels of activity and age. Increase sleep is necessary during illness and periods of stress for instance. Sleep needs differ from one person to another and over time. Recommendation of experts is that an adult requires sleep between 7-8 hours every night. Some people experience symptoms like memory issues, low energy levels, obstructive restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, obesity, taking drugs, medications, alcohol, hypertension and anxiety and can suffer from hypersomnia or oversleeping.

Can You Be Tired From Too Much Sleep?

How you feel all through the day and night depends a lot on the amount you sleep. Perception of fatigue increases with too much or too little sleep. Sometimes even after getting enough hours of sleep the person may feel listless and tired the following day, as that sleep was of poor quality involving frequent awakenings. Normally most people need 8 hours of night sleep daily so as to feel refreshed during day time. At times the person may not feel energized or refreshed by getting more sleep and in fact feel unmotivated and lethargic. Research indicates that if signification deviation in normal patterns of sleep occurs, it can increase fatigue during day time and upset rhythms of the body. The best thing to do then is to figure out right number of hours needed for a good sleep and then follow it every day.

Can You Get A Headache From Oversleeping?

Some people are prone to sleeping for longer duration during vacations and weekends which could cause a headache. As per researchers oversleeping does have effect on certain neurotransmitters in the brain including serotonin. Sleeping longer is a great but researcher’s state that this isn’t advisable as once the person wakes up, he or she may experience a headache. Some of the other causes of oversleeping include anxiety, depression, not getting adequate sleep and improper sleeping schedules. A lot of physical and psychological effects take place due to oversleeping which in turn causes pain in the head. After sleeping for too long, he person may feel lazy and extremely dizzy and the headache does not get off that easily.