February 25, 2024
Good Doctor

When it comes to the medical field, it can be pretty normal to feel completely lost in a sea of terminology that really means absolutely nothing to anyone who is not a doctor. It can be especially hard on the senses when you hear a term that’s somewhat frightening, such as varicosities, and realize that it is just another way of referring to varicose veins.

It’s important to note that your doctor may be referring to the idea of issues pertaining to veins (i.e., shape, color, general condition), so simply looking at it as just varicose veins might be a little too narrow in scope. However, for the most part, you’re dealing with varicose veins, and while not as frightening a term, the idea of having them isn’t at the top of your list of things to deal with in life.

Most of us remember an older female relative walking around with her legs striated in a way that we weren’t sure was safe, painful, or just odd-looking. Even when you’d ask your parents, they were quick to dismiss it as something that you deal with when you get older. Now, you’re older, and the idea of dealing with the same things makes you want to crawl under a rock. However, rather than hide from embarrassment, it is best to talk to your doctor about them and what can be done to get rid of them.

Before you do visit your doctor, thought, it’s important that you have a little knowledge on the topic before your next appointment. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Varicosities Means Varicose Veins – It can be easy for a patient to mix up terms like vascular (pertaining to blood vessels) and varicosity (the condition of being varicose).

Can Be Found All Over Body – While most common in the legs, you can find varicose veins all over the body. In fact, one of the more surprising conditions that can develop during pregnancy is vulvar varicosities.

Getting Older Leads to More Elastic Veins – When a blood vessel is compromised, it can lead to more issues like varicosities developing.

Pregnancy Is A Leading Factor – A woman’s body goes through a number of changes during pregnancy, and this includes changes in blood flow. Varicose veins developing in the legs and vulvar area.

Obesity & Sitting or Standing Also Factors – With a country that is dealing with a high incidence of obesity, it’s no wonder that varicose veins may start being more common than they already were. We’re also a country that has a fairly sedentary lifestyle, which also leads to more cases of varicose veins. Even those that stand for long periods of time can exert pressure on the blood vessels of their legs, leading to varicosities.

Varicosities (varicose veins) are nothing to be actually frightened about mainly because they don’t pose much of a threat to your health. However, every case is different, and for some individuals, their varicose veins are actually more severe and require decisive treatment that can be more invasive than other methods. Talk with your doctor about where you stand on the treatment spectrum, and for your peace of mind, have him or her use terms that you might be more at ease with.