February 25, 2024

A new study has indicated that compared to a gradual loss of weight, more effective is crash dieting.  A new study from Australia suggests that if adults who are obese adopt a quick weight loss program, they can be more successful in losing weight!  As compared to weight loss programs that are steady, a crash diet proves to be more effective, as indicated by studies. Many dieticians and experts on health agree that if the diet is a long term diet, then it is more effective. However just the opposite has been suggested by latest new research!

A trial was conducted on around 200 obese adults in Australia. Out of these, half of them were encouraged to lose weight up to 12.5 % in thirty six weeks, while the other half had 12 weeks to accomplish this!  It was found by the research team that those involved in the rapid weight loss program around ten people out of eight, achieved the goal as compared to half of those who followed a steady diet. To treat obesity, a number of guidelines on losing weight gradually have been recommended across the world. While doing this, the belief is that when weight loss occurs faster, regains are also fast. This has been stated by dietician Katrina Purcell, the very first author on the paper from Melbourne University.

As indicated by results, the weight loss achieved is likely to be 12.5% and drop out is comparatively low if quick weight loss program is adopted. In both groups it was seen that after 3 years, up to 70% people gained weight again. This gave an indication that as compared to gradual weight loss over a longer term, crash dieting in a short term is better!  When rapid results are seen, dieters feel more motivated to stick to a diet program, researchers suggest!  In low calorie crash diets, carbs are cut down leading to quicker fat burning process.

According to the Professor of Diet and Population Health, University of Oxford, Professor Susan Jebb, the claim that it is false is that rapid weight loss initially is associated with rapid weight gain. In the process, professionals could recommend treatment options in a broader range so that a best suited weight loss program suitable to their lifestyle can be found.

To lose weight successfully, sticking to the program is important. However some experts suggest that it is too fast to lose weight over 36 weeks. Very obese people gain weight over the years and the reversal process also tends to be relatively slow! A public health nutritionist and dietician, Bussell states that the challenge is sustaining weight loss and not losing it!