May 23, 2024

Senior citizens have the preference of independent living and desire to live actively for as long as they can. They never prefer to be in any nursing home or institution or old age homes. There are many health monitoring technology available in the market and it has now become possible to monitor the health of senior people while they live right at their homes. Any variations in the behaviour and physical activity of senior citizens living at home like their sleeping or walking patterns can be easily monitored by the motion sensor networks placed at home. People always thought that senior citizens living in their houses were problem if any one else was there. But with the arrival of health monitoring technology they can be properly taken care of.

To Remain Active and Healthy

Health monitors actually made it possible for these senior citizens to remain active and stay healthy and avoid any chances of being hospitalised and repositioned. There are sensors available in the market and with these sensors people are able to detect any adverse health events which include visits to the emergency wards, falls or any cases of hospitalisations. It is important that elder people receive support health services and at the same time they should remain in environment of their choice. The environment in which they live is actually their home and the health monitoring technology provides safety for them in their home.

Careful Monitoring

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