June 18, 2024

Losing weight fast is highly risky with so many fad diets in the market. There are ways of losing weight in a safe manner. But for that one should be aware of one’s body needs, lifestyle, work schedule. It can be kept simple and yet it can be very effective. The only issue of losing weight fast is that it can be regained even faster if it is not followed properly. So if you are ready for the simple exercises, sacrifices in food then you can opt for a weight loss which is quick and safe.

Do Not Go For Too Low Calorie Diets

The foremost point to keep in mind is that you have to burn more calories than you gain through food. If you have 1500 calories in a day burn 2000 calories, at least 500 more. However experts advice us not to go for very low calories diet as it can affect the lean tissues along with the fat and this will eventually affect the health. 1100 to 1200 calories per day is the recommended intake. This coupled with an hour’s exercise will ensure a quick and healthy weight loss. The warning for doing exercise is to go into it slowly. Do not start off on a one hour exercise schedule. Start off with a few minutes and extend it to one hour slowly. The body has to get used to this else tissue tears can happen.

To get those low calorie eat lot of vegetables and if grains is a must eat whole grains. Simple carbs can make you feel hungry quickly and before you know you will heading for another snack or meal. So love your vegetables. Drink plenty of water and sleep well. Both are good for metabolism. Avoid all the pills or laxatives that guarantee weight loss. Maybe there will be some loss but a loss induced by external elements is never going to last and it can be counterproductive too.

Non Dietary Tips

So for the quick and safe weight loss, eat less and exercise more is the mantra. But if you have to remain healthy with it you should continue and not let go off it after a wedding or a reunion party. The body will revolt if there is periodical dieting and this will result in very poor health. There are some practical tips to help you maintain this diet. For one do not snack near the refrigerator. Take your food in your plate and eat it at the table. If you stay busy you will not feel unduly hungry; therefore stay busy. Keep an eye on the portions that you eat and it is very important that you do not skip any meals.

If you want to stick to the diet but tend to move away keep a diary of what you ate. There are apps on smart phone these days which will tell you how much you ate and how many calories you have gained. Keep a tab on this and do not extend the permitted limit. These are the simple tips to help you continue with the diet even after a week. Follow it and enjoy a healthy life.

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