June 18, 2024

There are time tested ways of losing weight and there are new fads that are catching up. Along with this there are ideas that have never been thought of floating in the market. Each of this has a market because everyone wants to look slim and stay healthy. We cannot point to anyone as a health freak because all are health conscious. And most often we are looking at easy ways of accomplishing this. So today we have many ways by which we can lose weight. Here are some known and unknown 20 easy tips to lose weight.

Recommended Diet

1.Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Keep the juices for breakfast. After that let it be water and not aerated drinks.

  1. Reduce the quantity of the meals or skip any item a day. This will take off around 100 calories from the total count.
  2. Very often when we are bored or don’t have anything much to do we reach out for food. This is a dangerous practice. Stay busy as far as possible or make it a point to eat only when the stomach sends signals of hunger.
  3. Start cooking your own meals. This means say a big NO to cooked, canned, refrigerated food. Preservatives, colors and other ingredients are added to make the food attractive and edible after many days as well. There is nothing as healthy as eating freshly cooked food.
  4. Eat slowly. The brain is a little slow to give signals about the satiety of hunger. If you eat slowly you will match the speed of the brain and the brain will send the ‘full’ feeling.
  5. When you are eating out, order for the smallest portion.
  6. Eat water rich food like tomatoes, cucumber, Zucchini as they are less in calories and give a filling effect.
  7. Huge quantities of simple carbohydrates which come from rice, sugar, white flour is not good for health.
  8. Avoid fancy coffee; drink coffee with skimmed milk or non fat powdered milk.
  9. Cereals for breakfast is good way to reduce weight.
  10. Eating fruits instead of drinking fruit juice is an excellent way to control your weight.
  11. Snacking between meals is considered to be good now but if done with nuts, raisins or dry fruits it will not affect your weight.
  12. Let the best meals be the breakfast and lunch. After that, reduce the quantity of intake.

Recommended Exercises

  1. Gadgets have taken off physical exertion completely from our lives. So forget the gadgets at times and wash the clothes, mop the floor, clean the bathrooms and more.
  2. Walking up and down the stairs is a good way to burn calories. So avoid lifts for few floors.
  3. Those who are stuck with a desk job must walk for five minutes every two hours.
  4. Walk for 30 minutes and you will not gain weight. Walk for 45 minutes and you will lose weight.
  5. Walk before breakfast. This will bring down the intake and that means less calories.
  6. Brush your teeth after every meal for a fresh feeling and you won’t eat after that.
  7. Get a weight loss buddy that will track your food habits and help in weight reduction.