June 18, 2024
Tips To Good Health

If you are looking for good health, there are a dozen straightforward tips on health which really work! Exercising more, eating less, sleeping more, boosting energy, drinking adequate water etc are some of the many methods that ensure health improvement. However counterintuitive methods also do help in attaining good health! Don’t scratch your head and wonder how this works!

As indicated in a Japanese study, you could consume a cup or two of coffee, take rest or ‘coffee nap’ for twenty minutes and later find yourself performing better, more alert and fresher as compared to anyone who takes just a nap! This is because alertness is maximized as adenosine a molecule in the brain is cleared just when caffeine kicks in after the 20 minute ‘coffee nap’ ends.

Also eating a low-calorie snack is suggested for weight loss, but it leaves you craving for more carbs and spikes blood sugar! Instead apple and a slice of cheese or a spoon of peanut butter which are rich in calories and protein that let you stay full longer is a better option.

The old saying is to brush teeth after meals, but it is best to wait for an hour after eating or drinking. Tooth enamel could get softened due to acidic food consumption which in turn could erode enamel underneath while brushing. Another way to good health is to lose fat, increase muscle, lose inches and cut back on calories, instead of simply exercising!

Drink water when you feel bloated as it helps in efficient working out, improves gut motility and reduces dehydration and bloating symptoms. Diet sodas can be ditched as they lead to more calorie consumption as compared to those who don’t drink them!

The so called energy drinks, come with a lot of side effects that are unpleasant, like rapid heartbeat, irritability and nervousness, besides which they contain more caffeine as compared to coffee, high taurine levels that stimulate the central nervous system and temporarily spike blood sugar levels only to leave you foggy headed and sluggish!

Drink hot tea even in hot weather to increase production of sweat and cooling off skin naturally! Writing by hand is better than typing as it helps in remembering and processing what is written. When you are tired at the end of the day, you can exercise as it improves better mental functioning, improves mood and reduces depression! Spend time alone to reduce stress and anxiety, or go for a walk and meditate, instead of spending all your time with others!