June 18, 2024

Vitamin & Dietary supplements form one of the largest categories of global supplement sales and are becoming popular day by day. Vitamin & dietary supplements are tablets, powders, liquids and capsules which supplements vitamins that the body is lacking or missing entirely from the diet. Vitamins are essential for life and are a chemical compound that occurs in food. Vitamins are produced in the body in limited amounts but the main source of supply is the food that we eat. Small amount of vitamins are required to be effective but even these amounts are essential for maintaining the general health in one’s body. This prevents many diseases and it releases energy from the food that you eat.

Problem is when the food you eat cannot provide the necessary vitamins especially nowadays when everyone have shifted to junk food and processed foods. These foods does not have vitamin and the fresh fruits and vegetable too have less vitamin content because of the modern farming techniques. This when one needs supplements and it can be beneficial for women of childbearing age, young children, children in the adolescent age, elderly people, vegetarians, people on slimming regime, people who drink or smoke excessively. People should take dietary supplements to make sure that they are getting optimal nutrition for a healthy life and to address specific vitamin deficiency problems if any.

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