May 23, 2024
causes of back pain

Woman rubbing aching back

The causes of back pain in modern Lifestyle

The causes of back pain in modern Lifestyle – Back pain is about pain felt anywhere along the vertebral column in the human body. The pain can be experienced either in the upper back, middle back, lower back or at tailbone. Pain can be from a simple ache to sever pain. Pain makes it difficult for person to carry out simple day-to-day activities like sitting, standing for long time and even sleeping.

To understand causes of back pain initially we need to understand structure of the back.

  • Spinal column is column of bones, whichhelp us to stand erectly and support body structure.
  • Spinalnerves are the wiring system, used to communicate with different parts of body sensors and the brain. Spinal nerves are protected and carried through cavity in the vertebraeor opening known as spinal cavity along the spine.
  • Spinal column is not one single stiff bone, but interconnected bones called vertebrae helpful for bending and turning.
  • Vertebrae bones have a cushion like thing in between them called intervertebral disc act as shock absorber.
  • Inside intervertebral disc is a jelly like substance called nucleus pulposus, it helps the body come back to original position smoothly after bending or turning.
  • Spine is covered with muscles it helps in body movement and to support complete back structure.

Pain occurs due to below mentionany of the reason:-

  • Position of vertebrae bone/s shifted or cracked.
  • Shifted cushion i.e intervertebral discs.
  • Jelly like substance nucleus pulposus oozing out and pressurising spinal nerves causing strain on spinal nerves.
  • Nucleuspulposus dried out.
  • Excess Strain on muscles.

Modern lifestyle, whichCauses any of the above condition finally leading to back pain

  1. Due to digitisationmost of the work is computerised. Due Continuous use of computer with longer sitting time, this puts strain on muscles in the lower back causing back pain. Using computer with improper body posture like bending, leaning sidewaysor slouching is bad habit. All these causes pain in upper and middle back.
  2. Far of workplace leads to longer traveling time. Driving for longer time one has to experience vibrations and jerks. These finally lead to lower back pains.
  3. No proper diet, fast foods causes overweight leading to cause strain on muscles and back pain.
  4. No time to exercise making body stiff hence slight jerk causes stress on the spinal nerves and muscles.
  5. Suprsinglyresearch shows due to smoking,supply of oxygen in the body reduces. Eventually nucleus pulposus dries hence flexibility reducestriggering back pain.
  6. Doing exercises without proper guidance. Sometimes doing exercise with wrong technique and number of repetitions finally end up in back pain. Improper turning and stretching leads to stress on muscles and vertebrae bones causing pain.
  7. Picking up weight by bending and lifting with wrong posture. Person bends over the weight and picks up such that complete weight passed on to the lower back causing stress on it instead of balancing on knees. This sudden weight may slip the bone or discs and repetitive action may sometimes cause nucleus pulposus flowing out and stressing spinal nerves.

Back pain is caused by some underlying disease or accident. But due to modern lifestyle we ourselves are responsible for it by improper posture and habits. There is need to understand, accept and push into proper habits today itself.